Angela Lowrie – Downs Junior School Brighton
“Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all at Stomp for a fantastic day! Paul was absolutely brilliant with the children, and they just loved it.This was music education at its best – creative, exciting, well planned, and thoughtfully presented.The children learned a lot today.Thank you so much”

Jessica Lauren, JL4
“Behind that devilish smile hides a musician of huge heart and talent: Paul's a percussion don, and there's an openness and imagination in his playing that comes from his being a physical performer/dancer too. Without his contribution, the Jessica Lauren Four band and album just wouldn't have been the same. Paul Gunter rocks”

Ashley Slater, Kitten and the Hip
“The man’s a metronome with feel”

Jon London, The Men With Strong Arms
“Paul has become an inherent and vital part of The Men With Strong Arms. On drums, percussion and backing vocals he takes time to understand a song and how best to support it. He has a great range of styles and a fine touch. He is always a pleasure to work with and also a decent bloke, which always helps."